Uley Brewery
Uley Brewery partnered with Artistry to rearticulate the brewery’s vision, resulting in a new marketing and communications strategy that helped Uley build relationships with thousands of new customers and create additional revenue streams in six months.

Strategy, digital design, tone of voice

Built on an ancient site in the heart of Uley, on top of a natural Cotswold spring, Uley Brewery has been handmaking premium beers since 1985 with a process hardly changed.

The brewery, which remains independent and family-owned, is renowned in the Cotswolds and popular for its traditional process and quality which all takes place on site. But at the start of the pandemic with pubs closed for business, Uley Brewery had a problem. The very traditional brewery needed to adapt and quickly add a direct-to-consumer model and build a webshop, supported by direct marketing and social media.

With a new marketing team in place, our role was to support the new strategy and help refine the narrative, ensuring that word reached existing customers and a whole lot of new ones with new brand stories and attention grabbing digital marketing designs.

DTC sales ensured that Uley survived the pandemic with sales of mini pin beer cans replacing some of the lost wholesale pub trade. New merchandise was introduced alongside market stalls in Stroud and Cirencester which helped introduce Uley to a wider audience. A beer club was formed with special offers for members. Small steps into a digital age!