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NOA gathered the finest artists, the brightest emerging stars and a host of industry luminaries from all across the art world for an exhibition of creativity, accolades and celebration.

From humble beginnings NOA emerged to assume their place as one of the UK’s premier art events, embraced by the industry and public at large. Each year thousands visited our acclaimed shows, enjoying NOA’sdiversity and atmosphere and joining in with the many activities.

Our role was to develop the narrative for NOA and help grow the community of artists by using social media for conversation and connection. We also worked with partners, including the insurance giant MS Amlin to build compelling and creative brand partnerships.

In the first six months using social platforms and creative content, we grew our entries by 50% and increased revenue by a similar amount which enabled the show to grow. This was done without any use of paid advertising on either platform.

The new narrative improved NOA’s impact with sponsors and patrons and brought thousands to the shows which were head at Somerset House, The Royal Academy and the BargeHouse. Creative press stories made the front pages of The Telegraph and Evening Standard’s “Picture of the Day” and the BBC.

“NOA has come of age. It’s a brilliant, democratic exhibition.”

Charles Saumerez Smith