A multi disciplinary role supporting acclaimed PR leader Mark Borkowski and his team of media and culture professionals, across a wide range of cultural and corporate brands.

Design, Brand Creative, Tone of Voice, Pitch Proposals, Points of View.

An agency shaping opinion through their craft, stories and experience, Borkowksi both start and contribute to conversations in the media and industry, putting new and established names on a media pedestal and keeping them there. Known for their profound cultural understanding, expertise on narrative positioning and unrivalled network of influential journalists, producers and decision-makers in the media and beyond, the agency consistently delivers successful publicity, communications and crisis management campaigns across multiple sectors.

Working side by side with founder, Mark Borkowski between 2013-2020, our role was to support the creative brilliance of Mark and his team at every step and across many clients, ideas, pitches and solutions

We created a compelling new tone of voice and points of view for the agency, innovative solutions and attention grabbing design, which contributed to their success in attracting clients from many sectors.