This regeneration project supported a top Hong Kong tourist spot, created a new vibe with new openings, and re-engaged the business community in the wake of Covid.

Collaboration, Experience, Marketing, PR, Technology and Data

Stanley is the other face of Hong Kong, a village full of history and heritage, alfresco dining and spectacular sunsets.


Located on a peninsula on Hong Kong Island, the town is rich in history and culture deeply rooted in the lives of the locals. At the start of the Pandemic Aldeia Hk Ltd was formed to create identity and renewal for the area by focusing businesses, coordinating initiatives and involving community.  This process was designed to empower local brands and outfit businesses with the tools needed to succeed. 

Sally Osborne set in motion a programme of collaborative events with the local business community to kick-start interest and momentum in the area, alongside a number of property renovations.

As part of the programme, we re-designed dead spaces, created The Store, a multi-use space for Stanley housing a retail area selling ‘Made in Stanley’ merchandise, a workshop, an event space and terrace which is available for rental through preferred partners and as a member.