Hotel ICON
Artistry developed ICON’s ‘unlike any other’ brand strategy, then helped bring it to life creating the world’s first co-located, co-lead teaching programme in a five star hotel. ICON has since won multiple awards, including Trip Advisor’s Traveller’s Choice Award and PATA’s Gold Award for Education and Training.

Brand strategy, brand guidelines, brand guardianship, naming, tone of voice, social strategy, thought leadership.

We began our partnership with Hotel Icon before a brick had been laid. Founded and owned by Hong Kong Polytechnic University, the Hotel ICON complex is an independent hotel with state-of-the art design at its core. In 2009 when the project began, the purpose was to develop the world’s first co-located, co-lead educational programme offered in a teaching and research hotel. ICON was to provide a dynamic environment and hands on learning for hospitality students, live within their luxury hotel operation.

Together we set out to take a new look at the hospitality model, embracing the best in local culture and art, offering immaculate design and technology, and a showcase of the finest creative talent around, both local and international.

As the brand developed, we quietly pushed the boundaries and delivered a strategy that set the standard for a modern design and service led hotel.

We created a seamless partnership between the hotel and school through creative and engaging values – ones that did not compromise the customer’s expectations and the hotel’s commitment to service, but rather inspired them to share in an open operation and an inspirational educational journey, and created the name, style and tone that would set Icon apart in its competitive landscape.


The values we designed built things into the guest experience which then led the way in hospitality and pioneering sustainable practices.

At the same time, we built the values for a service strategy that was warm and anticipatory and for this and many other aspects, Hotel Icon has won many awards and accolades.

Traveller Review Awards
SCMP – 100 Top Tables
Trip Advisor – Top 25 Hotels in Asia and China
PATA Gold Award for Education and Training

“For the Instagram age, this is the most photogenic hotel in the world.” Tatler, Hong Kong